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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2012 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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and i cannot -- i of doing this for two years and given up thursday nights for two years and i can't believe doing that for 31 years, but linda help build this commission, this department, help build this city. the card you're going to receive is actually a skyline of san francisco and my comment is you had a large hand in how that skyline looks and i think it's fitting. on behalf of the commissioners i am sure they will have comments on their own. this is a photo taken by one of your own commissioners here. i will let that person identify themselves but she is to my right, but this is a photo to keep of city hall wherever that maybe at a home office or wherever and thank you and congratulations. >> thank you.
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[applause] >> of course i am going to cry. okay guys you know do i don't this well, but i just want to say thank you. it's been such a pleasure to not only serve the commission, the various commissions, but to serve the citizens of san francisco, and of course again i don't do this well. i am crying forgive me, but i can't believe -- i can't even imagine a career they could have had that was better than the one i had so thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner wu. >> linda, i also really want to thank you. we've only had the pleasure of working together for the last eight months but i couldn't have done it without
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you. i think becoming a commissioner on this commission is one of the hardest in the city and guided countless commissioners through the years. you have been a champion for the commission for the nndz of the commission, for the commission to assert its own important and that is important and also as a liaison for the public and helped them through the difficulty of the planning code and deal with the procedures of the planning commission so thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> i like to say i like to thank you what you teach me and what you teach us every week and that is civil civic dialogue. i think you're an example for making this room a bright discussion, an informed discussion for everybody, and it is you holding all the strings of what is happening in your hands and doing that wisely
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every week. i only will say one thing about that picture. that was actually taken on the day when we celebrated "i left my heart in san francisco". >> thank you. >> commissioner hillis. >> i've got the shortest tenure on the commission but worked on the planning commission for over a decade and i didn't realize until i came here the difficult and complex job you have and part of the reason is you do it so well and serve the staff and the public so well so thank you very much. you will definitely be missed. >> it's been my pleasure. thank you okay thank you. now f we can go forward to director's report, director's announcements and review of the events for the board of supervisors and board of appeals and the historic
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preservation commission. >> thank you. well, i must add my thanks on behalf of the staff for linda for the 31 years of service to the city and the support for the commission and not department as a whole. it has been a great honor to work with linda over the last five years and i know staff feel the same for the years and linda has been a guide for me coming to san francisco and not understanding this place well and a great support for me and i will support her on my personally behalf as well as well as the department. thank you linda. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> and that concludes my report. >> i am emily rogers. thank you linda. and for this week's board report there are several items we would like to report to you as far as the board of
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supervisors on planning and land use related ordinances. on monday's land use committee personality disorder the privately owned. >> >> pupublicly accessible signage ordinance and supervisor chiu recommended all these and the mayor's office ask that these signs comply with federal ada standards. the supervisor office and department working well with them to make sure that the administrative bulletin set in place dimensions and graphic requirements that reflect these ada standards. the ordinance was amended so the existing signage not complying with the requirements are subject to
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the new requirements and with the committee recommended support to the full board. they also heard the monitoring ordinance and sponsored by president chiu and adopted all of the modifications and the mayor's office of housing asking that these reports do this providing households earning more than this and -- they have one program providing assistance to this category and with those amendments the category recommended support of the ordinance to the full board. the land use committee also heard another piece of president chiu's northeast legislation. this is the ordinance you heard over the course of about eight months or so, over the last year and a half. they just heard a
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portion of this week and expand the allowable floor area for limited commercial uses and allow the uses within 100 feet of a corner instead of 50 feet within the mission district . the board voted to expand this provision into these districts and this week supervisor campos thought to expand this provision to apply to the mission district. at this hearing the commission vote not to change these controls in any rto district because they were adopted as part of the octavia market neighborhood plans and under the five year review process but this week the committee recommended changing this in the mission district and recommended it be made to the full board. at tuesday's full
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board hearing there were a few items and supervisor olague's report and to produce a more complete picture from the production and monitoring from low income and include middle income and various sized units. he proposed to adding to the dashboard reports that come before a decision making body and supervisor olague asked for more time to work with the mayor's office and the planning department and continued for one week. the ordinance that will amend the administrative code to ensure the right to return to revitalized public housing was also heard on tuesday. you heard this on the 27th and the supervisor was working with the mayor office and the housing authority on changes so you
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recommended approval in concept and the supervisor worked with those agencies and in the end they got mod modifications and supported it at hearing and the full board approved it at first reading with those modifications. the board also heard an ordinance that would strengthen existing laws to restrict the conversion of apartment units and also -- to restrict the conversion of housing units to tourist or short term use, practice known as hotellization and this ordinance sponsored by president chiu and they approved this on final reading and lastly was supervisor wiener's ordinance and 5 feet height bonus for active uses in the castro and on the 24th street and there were a few new introductions this week
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i would like to share with you. two of them -- i guess only two items. there are two hearing requests. the first is a request from supervisors kim and board president chiu. this is a hearing to consider the initial design of the golden gate warriors development at piers 30 and 32 and c lot and update on the waterfront transportation network assessment, so that hearing as well as another from supervisor ma. he would like a hearing to support the preservation of independent theaters and that will be upcoming at the board of supervisors. i will keep you posted. i heard from the zoning administrator and would like to report on the board of appeals and one case in lafayette park. and allow storage shed in the park and several
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concerns were issued and the board found it was properly issued and upheld the permit and that concludes the reports. >> thank you. commissioner antonini. >> thank you for the report. with the project design for the warriors and the piers 30 and 32 would we have a hearing also to see some of that? i know it's a portland, but i know the supervisors are asking to have some sort of a presentation. >> commissioner, yeah, you will be seeing that project in multiple capacities both in terms of the eir as well as -- assuming it moves forward any potential zoning changes. we could at some point schedule an informational hearing as well if you would like an informational
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hearing prior to the zoning and the eir. >> i think in some nances it's good for projects that we have informational hearing before we get into the environmental and see the scope of it. i think it's a good way to handle things if that is possible and the other commissioners are favorable to that. i would be interested in that happening. >> no further questions. thank you. >> mr. president, just for the record historic preservation commission didn't meet this week. >> thank you. >> with that commissioners we are now at general public comment where members of the public may address of and within the subject matter jurisdiction of this commission with the exception of agenda items and may not addressed in this category or only when reached
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on calendar and you have three minutes and before i give this to the president for all of you surrounding the door there are seats in the room. we don't allow standing the room unless you're getting ready to speak, so those surrounding the door you created a fire hazard. we ask you that find a seat if you're lining up to speak do it on the other side of the room without blocking the monitors. thank you. >> thank you. general public comment on items not on today's agenda. (calling speakers). >> good afternoon commissioners. i am deno and i would like to
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commend president fong. i think you made two comments last week that were great and family first and and both of these show long-term vision. and commend the planning department for these and josh and kevin did a fantastic job. i think they both need promotions but we're excited about that going into place. well design plan. everything seems thought out well and the construction is humming with excitement as we look forward to connect the american infrastructure in a new format and pulse putting a great section in san francisco. it is not the most interesting project in san francisco going on at this time. the most interesting project is at farrell street and electrician paid for the two lights outside the building. i think they're out there today.
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in 1955 it was a tackle shop. in 1961 this is what the property looked like and part lawndy mat or a restaurant which i have never been to. in 1965 it turned into furniture store and i picked this up and "vacant glass and drug dealers" and this must have been from last night. this must have been last week. and thises of 1985. some of us were in elementary school. unfortunately some of us must have grownup around the corner of a crack house of the elementary school and we were there at 630 and the
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appropriate time to come home from school. the girl, eight and ten years old and we were reading and smoking crack and she's coming out of the car and her father is trying to shield her from what is going on. luckily they have the decentacy to not see this. some of us might have grown up across the street and become a baseball player. some of us might have grown up across the street from a crack house. >> thank you. ms. chapman. >> i am going to mention progress is being made with larkin. it seems the judge is still doing a process that i regard as pretty out of control, but it did have the result that she required, the lawyer who
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seems to be a stumbling block to what the mem difficulties would do to have a meeting with me. as a result that they invited tn dc or others to come forward with proposed and will during the following month will analyze the site further. i notice the architecture just wandered in and they feel they're safe from subpoenas. the subpoenas were a major problem to discuss this matter further, so at this point having been invited they feel they can actually do the analysis, and then they will actually get into the church, and then we will learn whether it can be done or cannot be done and commissioner antonini says we don't really know but we will find that out and if it can't be done there is still a wonderful
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site for senior housing there. the housing chair was in there to say there is not a lot of sites in san francisco and this would be wonderful for that. she watched the tapes more than once and she felt we didn't get a good hearing and the process was rushed and she was going to do it better and frankly i don't believe that was true at all and you did take the time, and when you needed to you continued it and whether the eir was voted and maybe not the way some wished and the rational was laid out by commissioner wu and supports this although they didn't look in the church's heritage and maybe if you got the letter you would have but it still made sense. sometimes things are done in a rush and something to think about like 1401 california. people testified and it was all
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confusing. deputy city attorney went in and out and got opinions and so on, and instead of doing a continuous and getting a chance to really study it, you took a vote without conditions and this is cbs and they wanted to sell liquor and the police are trying to hold the line at abc and that doesn't happen if you don't put conditions on. you're the ones they look to and for the zoning or conditional use and if you don't do that the police didn't oppose it and luckily the police are opposing. >> thank you. next speakers. cynthia joe and sue hester.
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>> i am cynthia joe. i was a planning commissioner from 1996 to 2002 so time flies when you don't have to listen to the fellow commissioners comments. i am here to honor linda's retirement. "i better not cry. i better not show. i am telling you why she is retiring today". well linda we want to you thank for being even handed and efficient in serving the city and we wish you god's blessing in your retirement. we love you. >> thank you. >> sue hester. i thought it was most appropriate for me to come to talk to linda where i normally am at the planning commission. 31 years is a long
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time. 31 years ago the plan was being developed. i lived at 20th and douglas. i didn't live in bern nal heights. we have been at least three cycles of the economy in san francisco. we have had boomer bust cycles at least three times since linda has been working here, and i am very heartened. i am disheartened by linda's retirement but hearted by the planning commission that used the services of the secretary as you heard. the commission secretary position as commissioner antonini has heard me say is only second to the board of supervisors clerk in importance in the city. it is the place where the public has the interface with the commission, and with the
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department. it is that seat right here, and i cannot stress how much that linda occupying that seat has been important because it is -- she is not only your representative when you're talking to the staff, but the public's representative when we are talking to commission and the staff, and linda is very, very important, and i wish her well. i don't wish her retirement. i wish she was still here. it's my selfishness and i am sorry for my selfishness but we have to acknowledge none of us have lasted 31 years. no staff member, no commissioner, but the commission secretary. it is
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hugely important to the public and i wish linda you recognize that. the office of the commission secretary is very, very large to the public, and thank you for your good job. the flowers are a tiny, tiny little certificate and anyone who doesn't understand how important this job is needs to have their head examined. it is really important to me, to you, to the planning department, and to the city attorney. we all need a good competent secretary of the planning commission, and so her rafor linda and i put down what was going in 1981 in my life and the planning commission's life and it was shocking and we have all great hair since then. thank you very much. >> thank you.
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>> any additional general public comment? okay. seeing none next item please. >> thank you. commissioners, you are now at your regular calendar. item number 13. for westportal avenue and request for conditional use authorization. there is a request for continuous from the project sponsor to november 29. staff supports this and it's my understanding that the neighborhood organization that was in support of this also supports the continuous. >> okay. public comment on this item? seeing none is there a motion to continue? commissioner antonini. >> moved to continue item 13 to november 29. >> commissioners the motion on the floor is for continuous of
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item 13 on westportal avenue on november 29. to that motion. commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> thank you commissioners. the item is continued to november 29. commissioners, you are now on item 14, for 1327 polk street, request for conditional use authorization. >> good afternoon president fong and commissioners. i am rick crawford and before i comment i would like to thank linda avery for her many years of service to the planning commission. thank you. >> thank you. >> this is for the existing bar, the poor house polk street and allowed a wine store with tastings on the property. however the business
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opened as a bar and selling beer and wine by the glass and operating as a bar since 2005. the planning code discouraging eating and drinking establishments from occupying more than 25% of the frontage within 300 feet of a new bar within the commercial district. 30% of this is dedicated to eating and drinking uses. 16 businesses within 300 feet of the project site have on site exactly licenses from abc. eating and drinking establishments occupy 28-point 5% of the frontage within the district. in spite of the concentration of food and beverage establishments the planning department requests the support for legalization of this business but in this instance the project is a continuation of a existing use and would not increase the kons kraigz and
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dranking establishments beyond what exists today. in addition they have been operating at this location for seven years without incident . the planning department didn't get complaint until the conditional use of authorization was filed. the department receivedded of support from 46 area residents and businesses and petition with 96 signatures. the department had received one email from a neighbor objecting to the project because of concerns because of the proliferation of alcohol related uses in the neighborhood. commissioners in the last 24 hours the neighborhood association has withdrawn their support and opposes the legalization and the lower polk neighbors withdraw their support and
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misrepresentations and concerns about loud music at the bar. this was a concern the department wasn't aware of until the last 24 hours? a. the police department has withdrawn the support and now opposes the legalization. i tried to contact the police department to determine what their concerns were but i haven't been able to reach them and we got a letter from the russian hill community objecting to the legalization. the department recommends approval while complying with the planning code and continues the neighborhood serving retail use. i will be happy to answer any questions. thank you very much. >> thank you. project sponsor. >> good afternoon
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commissioners. marsha garland and public come comment relations with the project sponsor and also known as well. iam biglo. what happened to linda? >> she retired. >> i wanted to add i of coming here for 25 years and linda is the constant getting through the intimidating process. thank you very much. the only time i have seen her privately is in the bathroom or on north beach when she was looking for an italian restaurant and thank you very much for your service and help. we're here to discuss poor house on polk. this is a business that has been been for eight years and there is some ambiguity in the language used in the original conditional use permit because t


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